Why White Guitar Music Therapy?

The Andrews Sisters come to life. Glen Miller’s Big Band music is resurrected. This music, these songs, so dear to our older adults is revived with White Guitar Music Therapy. Adaire has a passion for music from long ago, and is able to bring these nearly lost tunes to her clients. During one of Adaire’s groups, she played an old drinking song from the 1940’s, “Tavern in the Town.” David, one of the group members, had tears running down his face during the tune as he sang along. After the song, he said chokingly, “I haven’t heard this song in at least 20 years.”

Adaire and Peggy during a session

Adaire and Peggy during a session

Peggy is a woman with Alzheimer’s. Adaire sang the song, “Sentimental Journey,” and from there, Peggy embarked on her own “Sentimental Journey,” sharing about her husband, Bobby, their courtship and marriage in 1946, shortly before Bobby enlisted in the Army in WWII.

eunice with a autoharp

Some of the benefits of music therapy cannot be easily seen. Instead, they touch the deepest recesses of our minds and hearts, healing wounds, helping us cope, bringing comfort in times of sorrow, recalling otherwise lost memories, and bringing us in touch with something bigger than ourselves: The Divine. Adaire values these unseen benefits most of all.